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Given the widespread cases of malaria ailments and deaths experienced in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, Wise and Solace Foundation deemed it as a matter of urgency to find means and ways to curb if not eradicate totally this trend.

And as a community based organization whose main objective is to promote the wellbeing of members of the community especially the vulnerable and downtrodden, Wise and Solace Foundation in the year 2015 wrote to the management of Malaria Defense Project in Netherlands to sponsor Wise and Solace Foundation by supplying it with treated mosquito nets to be distributed to schools children and people who are most likely to be affected by malaria in the Ketu North Municipality.

As a sign of goodwill, the management of Malaria Defense Project responded swiftly to this call and donated 500 treated mosquito nets to the Foundation. Wise and Solace foundation on its part frantically mobilized the unit community chairmen as well as heads of schools that have been earmarked to benefit from this initiative. Their input was sought after to facilitate the distribution process. On the first day of distribution, our first point of call was the Deme Local Authority (L.A) school where mosquito nets were given to students of various grades. Later, members of the community were mobilized and educated on the use and benefits from using mosquito nets. Among the beneficiaries included, the aged, youths, and physically challenge people. Kuli Junior High School in the Kuli community in the Ketu south municipality came second as our next point of call during the distribution. The students as well as teachers could not hide their joy upon the arrival of our team at the school. After a little interaction with teachers and students, the treated nets were given them. The community chairman, teachers, and the student leadership on their part assured the team from Wise and Solace Foundation that the nets will go a long way towards preventing them from been infected with malaria.

On the third day, the team at wise and Solace Foundation visited the Bagome community where we made the Bagome District Assembly (D.A) school our focus point. The reception there was not anything different as teachers and students were jubilant in receiving the team. A brief time was made to educate the students and teachers on the use and care for the nets. Subsequently, students were given the opportunity to ask questions patterning to the causes, effects and prevention of malaria infections. After mosquito nets were been given to students and teachers.

Thereafter, the team from wise and Solace Foundation passed through an adjacent community call Depuime to donate some of the nets to the primary school children there. At Depuime, the school children highlighted how they have been bedeviled by the presence of mosquitoes in their community as well as its associated effects. The treated nets they say have come at an opportune time to help them avert the high prevalence of malaria cases in their community.

Our last point of call was the Adzolaa community. Upon arrival, the wise and Solace team was greeted with a resounding welcome by members of the community who were already seated and waiting with bated breath for the arrival of our team. The leaders of the community lead the discussions on the use and care for the nets and subsequently pleaded with the beneficiaries to put the nets to their optimum use. The director of Wise and Solace Foundation Mr.Wisdom Agoha took his turn and made it known to the beneficiaries how the management of the Malaria Defense Project sponsored Wise and Solace Foundation with 500 treated mosquito nets to be shared to people like them.

On the whole, the exercise could be describe as successful and one that is distinctive from other similar initiatives, as non-discriminatory measures were employed to ensure that those who needed the treated nets most got them. Wise and Solace Foundation is most grateful and indebted to the Management of Malaria Defense Project, the Unit committee Chairmen, teachers and students, as well as other beneficiaries for availing themselves to make this initiative a success.


Written By: Richard Agorde (Project Manager)


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